Medication Which Alters Your Weight

flat belly

Many patients either gain or lose weight when they take new prescription medication. We are going to approach this from a weight gain and weight loss point of view and what you should do – either change your lifestyle or medication, so your life isn’t thrown off-balance by sudden weight gain or weight loss.

People who start taking new drugs may start noticing that they are starting to pile on the pounds. Most people blame the extra weight on the prescription drugs, and there is a chance they could be right or wrong. Most, if not all prescription drugs have a ‘risk-benefit ratio,’ what’s commonly referred to as side effects. In truth, weight gain is common with certain medications, but not all. However, most people don’t consider the fact that they have cut back on their exercise or healthy lifestyle since starting on the drugs.

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The Importance of the Thyroid for Weight loss


The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located on the front of your neck, right below your Adam’s apple. The function of this gland is to collect iodine which is found in different foods.  The thyroid then converts iodine into thyroid hormones i-e  triiodothyronine hormone which is also known as T3. It also produces thyroxine hormone (main hormone), also known as T4.

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