Getting started….Again!

Getting started….Again! 7 steps to staying on top!

Maybe it’s been 1, 2, 5, or 10 years since you have taken on fitness challenge or any type of meaningful challenge. You finally had enough of watching others achieve their goals while you sit on the side making excuses why success is not possible for you. Your defining moment? Time or lack thereof. It is the only thing you cannot get back. As time progresses, you start to realize your purpose. For many, finding your purpose is a lifelong event which many never find. Once you find your purpose, the battle becomes easy. You are not side track with other ideas. You start to minimize outside distracters. I have been there before. Here is how you stay on top.

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  1. Feed your spirit. Feeding your spirit is about relaxing your mind. It could be eating your favorite food, listening to your favorite song(s), reading a great book, writing/journaling or spending time in mediation/ prayer or exercise. It boils down to taking some time to allow yourself time to reflect.
  2. Start working ASAP. Every moment you that take to get started is another gateway for another opportunity to change your focus. The best approach is to jump out of the airplane. Don’t worry if you have a parachute. You will figure it out.
  3. Don’t take days off. Most success people work every day. They do not take too much time to smell the roses. The more time you spend smelling the roses
  4. Network- No person is an island. By communication with as many people about your goals you soon notice your knowledge about your goals become clearer. You will get advice from everyone but you soon will be able decipher who gives best information and who is just talking.
  5. Get coaching- this falls in line with networking. Coaches are supposed to be experts in there field but not every coach can coach you. This works both way though. Are you coachable or does this coach knows what he is talking about.
  6. Be a leader-Now you in a good flow, become a leader. Becoming a leader now means you have to step your game up. This means consulting with others. Motivating others with your actions. Research in your area. This is the accountability piece of the puzzle that separates good from to Great!
  7. Keep working!

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