The Benefits of Testosterone

Before and After increasing testosterone

What is Testosterone?

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Testosterone is a hormone which is essential for the development of regular muscle and manliness. Testosterone powers the sex drive and muscle mass. It also aids in bone strength and mood. Men need testosterone to produce sperm as well. If the level of testosterone is less than normal, there are more than one type of treatments to get rid of it. .

What is low Testosterone?

A few men have low levels of testosterone which is additionally called hypogonadism or low-T. Testosterone level of men usually changes or decreases with the age. The normal range of the testosterone is 300-1000 ng/dl.  Low-T is diagnosed when the level is less than this range. A man might need to be tested if he has

  • Low sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • lack of energy
  • Decrease in bone weight
  • Increase in Body Fats
  • Less production of seminal fluid

With the help of a blood test, one can check the level of testosterone. Sometimes a second test is a better option so to check the uniformity in the levels of testosterone.

Therapies For Low Testosterone:

There is no magic solution to increase the levels of testosterone; however some natural medication may help.

Get enough Sleep:

Lack of sleep decrease the levels of testosterone of healthy young man. Health organization writes that adults should at least sleep seven hours a night. so one should get enough sleep which will help him in increasing the levels of testosterone.

Lose unnecessary Weight:

Weight loss is the best remedy to increase levels of testosterone. Overweight also lowers the levels of testosterone. According to research, men with balanced weight have very less chances of suffering from hypogonadism and diabetes. Total testosterone level increases after exercising. As low-T badly affect your mood and feelings but exercise makes your mood good and make you feel happy and strong. Exercise also increase your energy which helps you to sleep well. Experts recommend 30 minutes exercise per day.

Get enough zinc:

Zinc plays important role in increasing the levels of testosterone. Men having low-T have insufficiency of zinc. So one should take those foods that are rich in zinc. These foods include:

  • Red meat
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts

Watch your sugar intake!

Excess sugar or glucose in your blood results in low-T.

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • White bread
  • Pizza
  • Cookies


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